WeVideo: Because Windows Movie Maker screwed us up

Hello [insert original form of greeting here…Hey, I may be a young teacher, but it’s still the end of the semester for me!] all!

Yesterday was the end of my first practicum. I’d like to tell you I did not cry like a wimp when I got home, but I did. I’ll miss my little (horned) angels. During my last class at the college, I saw videos that the students had made as a part of one of their projects. As I was watching the incredible result of their efforts, the products of hours and hours of blood, tears and dedication to their studies, I couldn’t help but think… WHAT THE HELL IS THIS??

Seriously, the montages that they had made were worthy of Windows Movie Maker, which in itself is pretty bad, so far from me the idea to hold such poor results against them. What’s a kid supposed to do when asked to produce and edit a music video? They’re not cinematographers.

It reminds me of when I was in High School, because the videos for my school projects were most probably just as bad. I just didn’t realize it back then because Windows Movies Maker was all that was available to edit videos. It was bad back then, it’s bad now. So I was pleased when I stumbled upon WeVideo.com.


Well… no, not at all. Briefly, the website describes itself as ”an online video creation platform”. No need to install anything on your computer. It’s all accessible online for free. Let me take you through the good stuff…

  1. Now take a deep breath because this baby works in ANY BROWSER. Internet Explorer? Sure. Firefox? Love it. Google Chrome? Go on. Safari? Party hard darlings because there’s practically nothing holding you back. That means that it doesn’t matter whether you’re using a MAC or a PC, because this little piece of fairy dust works with both… for real. This reduces a great deal of compatibility problems.
  2. There are three modes, depending on how good or bad you are at video editing. The three modes are borderline retard, struggling cripple, or mastermind of the universe. Ok… I’m kidding. The modes go from novice to expert. Thank goodness. Even our most stoned students can figure it out!
  3. You get all sorts of themes, effects, and styles to edit your video so it doesn’t look like crap and/or a RAINBOW PARTY. That’s pretty self-explanatory.
  4. There are features for school and business. So, it’s not just sparkle and glitter. You can create professional-looking products. THANK YOU LORD. No more animated Paint drawings.
  5. You can collaborate on videos and manage videos online. That’s always nice considering that most students’ projects tend to get ”lost” along with their USB devices. Yeah, right. Save it online. It’s that simple fellas!


Actually, I was surprised to find that it is even easier than I thought. As Jennifer Jacobson explains on the WeVideo blog, this baby does a lot, and I mean A LOT of work for you.

  • It freaking FINDS where you posted your videos even if you didn’t save them on your computer. Yup, that’s right. It doesn’t matter if they’re on Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive… WeVideo allows you to synchronize your accounts together so you can find your videos anywhere. That’s right. This baby is cloud-based. So students can’t use ”I don’t remember where I saved my video” as an excuse anymore.
  • With each theme comes thematic music, titles, special effects, so it doesn’t take hours to get an aesthetically pleasing result. Let’s get real… not all students are patient with technology. It doesn’t matter if they’re in the so-called technological era. Trust me, they still want to get it done quickly and easily.
  • Think about it. Since you can synchronize your Google Drive, Facebook, Dropbox, etc. then you can access your files from anywhere. Students won’t fall asleep while their friend is looking for their video presentation. BOOM. It’s that easy.


But wait! There’s more [insert bad paid advertisement product here] it! Just as I thought I was done with this baby, I found one more advantage that made me cry tears of blood out of sheer shock. Guess what? As mentioned on the Cosmoreport blog, this darling doesn’t mess with your computer’s performance.

Ok, I know a lot of kids are born with MAC computers in their crib, but hey, it’s not everyone’s case. Most of us, teachers and students, know the pain of trying to work on your computer with a memory intensive  editing program. The other programs go bananas! For your computer, it may be too much to handle.

So it’s quick, easy and it doesn’t get your computer as confused as you are.


That’s what I thought.


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